Error2: There was a problem with the App Store

  • 3 April 2024
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I got rejected several times by appstore: We found that your in-app purchase products exhibited one or more bugs which create a poor user experience. Specifically, in-app purchase page loaded and error message occurred. Please review the details and resources below and complete the next steps..

What should I do?

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7 replies

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Hi @scott-yuan,

The next steps are documented here:

The big takeaway is, if it works in sandbox for you, then that is something you can discuss with the reviewer. The sandbox environment that the App Review team uses can be unstable, so it’s best to discuss the situation with them and perhaps show them that it works for you in sandbox/TestFlight.

Hi @sharif 

same issue here.

I got 10+ rejections and I tried all
1. asked to re signin to the reviewers.
2. uploaded the builds that working on my side.
3. recreated the subscriptions.
4. provided the sandbox account.
5. usesStoreKit2IfAvailable in Configure.
6. explained to the reviewers that RevenueCat automatically handles sandbox and production purchases.

But nothing helped me.

In the screenshot they attached, it says this error.
“There was a problem with the App Store. Problem communicating with the Store when trying to validate the receipt.”

I guess it is System Error from StoreKit.

What should I do for now?
I am almost dead and I am doubting if it is the right way to use the RevenueCat for the paywall.

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Hi @impul,

I’m really sorry, navigating the App Review process can be intense sometimes. Their error message has to do with some error in StoreKit on the reviewer’s device or account. It’s unlikely that removing RevenueCat will fix the issue since the issue is in StoreKit, but you are welcome to try.

There are two other troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Sometimes your build or products get into a weird state where the reviewer can’t purchase them. Try removing your build and products from review and both of them together again. You can update the metadata in the product description and app description to force them to be updated in App Store Connect.
  • While I can’t guarantee this will work, you can try discussing the issue with the reviewer on a phone call and letting them know that it works in your sandbox account.

Ultimately it’s up to the App Review team to approve the app so there is limited help we can provide.

Hi @sharif 
I tried these things
1. removed all subscriptions
2. created again
3. removed the app from review
4. resubmitted the app
5. edited the app description
6. changed the reference name of the subscription

But nothing helped

And we are moving the app from a paid version to a free one with subscriptions.

So it is the first subscription in the app.

Eventually, they approved!
But I am not sure what the issue was.🤷🏼

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Eventually, they approved!
But I am not sure what the issue was.🤷🏼

@impul hello, we are facing the same issue. Did you manage to resolve it or was it automatically resolved? 

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These issues can be a little bit random unfortunately, sometimes waiting and submitting for review again will help.