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  • 3 November 2021
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My app works with the subscription and RevenueCat. However I get an error with the following:

2021-11-03 07:29:01.912 seed2021[68531:4997387] [Purchases] - WARN: 🍎‼️ Invalid Product Identifiers - (


Initially when I had configured RevenueCat, I had two additional products added for iOS for the inApp purchase, and the products added to RevenueCat. Over time I decided to remove these (801,901) from iOS and also from RevenueCat. 

However, I get this warning that appears RevnueCat still has these cached somewhere and I don’t know how to remove these to get rid of the error.


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3 replies

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Hey @Brian Remington 

You should check if you have those values hard coded anywhere. Also, if you’re using StoreKit configuration files, ensure that those products are removed from the file. 

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Hi Tina,

I do not have it hard coded anywhere in my app. The error is from calling Purchases.getofferings


I am also not using Storekit config files. My initial thoughts was a file RevenueCat built that the Purchases.getofferings action pulled, and this had the initial products, but is not getting updated from RevenueCat.

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The RevenueCat SDK will briefly cache offerings, and re-fetch them on app launch, so it’s failing to fetch those products still. Are you still encountering this error after re-fetching offerings (I’d recommend doing this often, each time you want to display your paywall) and/or a new installation? It might take some time for the cache to be updated.