Error 7000 "Invalid platform" when getting offerings using secret API v1 key

  • 9 April 2024
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I’m getting an error when trying to obtain offerings for a specific platform using the v1 offerings endpoint if I use the secret API v1 key instead of using an app-specific API public key. I’m sending the X-Platform header properly as indicated in the docs.

Here’s the endpoint I’m using:{app_user_id}/offerings



"result": {
"code": 7000,
"message": "Invalid Platform."

If I set the auth header to the app-specific API key it returns properly.

Is that the intended behavior? I’ve obtained the endpoint usage information from:


Thanks in advance!


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Hi! Yes, it is currently intended behavior that the endpoint only allows the use of the app-specific API keys. Thank you for calling out that the documentation does not state that part; we will work on getting that information added. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Hey @wes_clark !! Thanks for your answer! 👍 
I’ll move on with app-specific keys then.