Does RevenueCat support apple app store notification v2?

  • 1 November 2021
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Apple recently enabled v2 of their app store notification system that passes the data differently, does RevenueCat support using this version?


Best answer by sundeep 4 November 2021, 20:55

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Hi @CDThumb,

Yes, we do support version 2 now. You can choose either when you’re setting up your server-to-server notifications in App Store Connect and RevenueCat will automatically detect and handle whichever type you’ve set up.


We’ve also updated our setup docs as well to clarify this:

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@sundeep Does RevenueCat support migrating to v2 from v1 if our app is already in the App Store with subscribers from v1? Thanks!

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Hi @fra, it is safe to switch from v1 to v2 in your App Store Connect settings (even if you’re actively using v1 currently). RevenueCat will automatically detect whether it’s v1 or v2 based on the payload and the notification just lets us know to refresh the receipt on our end.