(Docs) Google Play Product Setup: Prepaid base plans not yet supported - But they work?

  • 12 September 2023
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I am currently creating my products in Google Play for my App.

I want to use prepaid subscriptions without auto renew.

I tested this out, created products, imported them in RC, linked them to offers and entitlements, purchased them. They expired automatically and my entitlement got removed.

All fine so far.

But there is an option in Google Play Console which asks if I want to Allow extension of this prepaid subscription. I am not sure if this is a supported feature by RC?

So I tried to figure it out in the docs and found nothing. But I found this part of the documentation here which confuses me a bit.

Prepaid base plans not yet supported

RevenueCat does not yet support base plans with the renewal type "Prepaid".


Is this just some outdated paragraph in the docs?

I mean it seems to work.

And if the docs are just outdated (hopefully) could you extend those and explain how to properly configure prepaid products in google?

Would love to get some feedback if the feature is fully supported and if I can savely tick “allow extension” in the product setup in google play console.

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Docs are outdated, we have support for Prepaid plans. I’ll give the feedback internally to update our docs

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@nico-hof We updated the docs. Thank you for letting us know and for supporting RevenueCat.