Customer history shows testing price sometimes

  • 15 November 2021
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I have uploaded a certificate.cer file for testing. My product costs $8.88 in this file, but in App Store, it costs ¥8


When I try to check customers’ histories, I found some of them show the testing price

(app user id: $RCAnonymousID:42bf5828c06843308f74a5d360dd31ee)


but others show the right price

(app user id: $RCAnonymousID:ae7d6e45b3ff4686a86023d1c741a8bc)


I have tried to delete the .cer file, but it doesn’t work.

2 replies

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Hi @MagicTouch,

I’m assuming these are your own users you’re testing with. Were you testing with StoreKit configuration files with one, and the other with a real device? That could explain why you see some with your test price and the others with the price you've set on the store. 

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Hi @sundeep 


Thank you for your answer. But we just have two testers who can purchase products in sandbox, and about half in the customers list show the test price.