Couldn't find purchase lists, trying to find single data...

  • 24 September 2021
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Hello everyone, I am facing an issue with the flutter SDK that im not sure how long its been happening but I noticed because i needed to trigger an event based on successful subscription. 

This is working perfectly on IOS, however on Android I get the following message and cant do what I want. 

SDK is 3.4.5

W/BillingHelper( 5733): Couldn't find purchase lists, trying to find single data.


The subscription works, but billing helper is returning that and the confirmation never happens.


Any ideas?


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2 replies

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It looks like there’s a similar issue in our Github here: Can you check out this thread?

[Edit: marking this as solved, solution has been posted to GitHub issue]

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That is actually my thread. But im still having issues.