Could not validate subscriptions API permissions error

  • 5 July 2023
  • 8 replies

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I did every step correctly for google play store. But i have that error. Can anyone help me? In terminal it says it can’t access the my test subs

8 replies

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Hey @serhat-kilic-87b905

Do you have any other errors occurring? If that’s the only part of the credentials validation that is unchecked, it can often be cleared by performing a test purchase. But if you are having trouble access your subscriptions, that could be due to the credentials not being valid or something else. We have a handy guide on why product or offerings may be empty here: 


“Could not validate subscriptions API permissions error”

I also have this issue i followed the guideline for make credentials, i did all necessary steps, i have been stuck on this for days now.. Or do i need to be a proved by google play store first for this error to go away.

Please help.

I manage to solve it.


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Please @Tiisetso Mmaboko how did you solve it 

@blacckoscar I just waited for google play store to approve my app, then i uploaded json file again, then it worked

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Thank you so much @Tiisetso Mmaboko  but my app entire feature revolve around the in app purchase do you think Google Play Store will Approve the app even though the In app purchase is not working ?

@blacckoscar What i did is that, i submitted my app without in app purchases code, but then while waiting for my app  to be approved so that i can test in app purchases, i was busy writing code for in app purchases

@Tiisetso Mmaboko  How to test subscription ?