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  • 19 June 2022
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I am currently building an app in Flutter using RevenueCat for the in-app-purchases.

I now want to know for each user, if he has already made an in-app-purchase, since I have trial subscriptions activated. I need this information, because I want to adjust the UI in case a user registers with a new account that I haven't seen in RevenueCat so far. In this case, he won't be able to use the trial subscription again, since Google/Apple prevent this.

I am using a custom ID for every user in my app and I use this ID for RevenueCat aswell, one could just create a new account and get a different user id. Ass far as I understand, in this case, this looks like a "new" user to RevenueCat which has no subscriptions. I think the solution would have to check the GooglePlay-Account for an already purchased subscription

So far I have not found a way to find out, if a user has already made an in-app-purchase. Any ideas on how to achieve this?


1 reply


Hi Max, 


Sorry for the long wait. If I understand the problem correctly you will be able to find all the purchases and subscription data available for a customer by using the get CustomerInfo API. Before that make sure that when you configure your app you will have to identify your customer with your custom id. From that point you’ll be able to query the information about the logged customer.


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