Cancellation done directly from app store & play store are not getting updated even after receiving S2S notifications.

  • 18 January 2022
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We have set up our apps perfectly with RevenueCat and are currently testing in the SANDBOX mode.

A customer purchases an in-app subscription from the app and

  • After sometime cancels it directly from the app store / play store.
  • Re-subscribes it directly it from the appstore.

In both the cases revenue cat is informed by S2S notifications but still these events are not updated in revenue cat.

Are we missing something? How do we do this??


4 replies

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Anyone to the rescue here??? Cant find anything in the docs.

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I have the same question. I am not seeing a Play Store cancellation reflected anywhere in the dashboard. Dashboard still says “Subscription renews on...” when I know it will not because the subscription was cancelled.

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I have the same question. Can anyone help?

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I’d recommend reaching out to support with an example App User ID or two that’s experiencing this and they can take a closer look:

It’s possible that an unsubscribe and a re-subscribe in quick succession can be “missed” by RevenueCat and the subscription will appear unchanged. This could be more common in sandbox with the quicker testing and renewal cycles. 

Enabling the platform server notifications (as it sounds like you’ve done) is the best way to minimize this though.