Can't save display settings for paywall

  • 28 June 2024
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My app was just being rejected by apple because of Guideline 3.1.2 .

Apple says my app “offers a free trial or introductory period but does not make it clear how long the free trial lasts and the amount that will be billed after the free trial is over.”

So I checked out my paywall settings and found out the “Introductory offer values” on the “Display Settings” menu was off. I was pretty sure I turned that on because the Chinese configuration is correct.

I tried to tick the checkbox on and click “save changes” button and it did say “Paywall successfully updated.” but actually not. I tried delete the whole paywall and create a new one but some issue tome.

I’m using Template 5 - Bengal Content.


Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. create a paywall and use Template 5 - Bengal Content
  2. setup subscription with a free offer on apple developer portal
  3. fill out the template, check the “introductory offer values” box on the display settings menu and click “save changes”
  4. quit paywall editor, and then reopen the paywall again
  5. “introductory offer values” is unchecked.

Please help me solve this issue otherwise my app cannot be submitted to the App Store. Thank you so much.

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2 replies

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Hi @justinyan,

Thanks for reporting, I’ll investigate and get back to you shortly.

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Hi @justinyan,

Thanks for your patience. I looked into this and actually the display settings on the dashboard are “preview settings” - they allow you to view the paywall in various states to enable quick design modifications. You can check if your variables are working, which is what the “Introductory offer values” is for, it puts your paywall in the state a customer would see it if they were eligible for an introductory offer.

Your paywall seems to already display introductory offers because you’re using the sub_offer_duration variable. I can also see the offers correctly display when enabling Introductory offer values in the display settings.

The next step is to try testing the app in sandbox with a completely new sandbox account. If you see the introductory offer displayed on the paywall, then your paywall is configured correctly.

After that, I recommend asking the App Review team for a screenshot of what caused them to reject the app. Most likely the sandbox environment that they use glitched and caused your paywall to not display properly. This is common unfortunately. The screenshot will tell you exactly what glitched and you can compare with your own sandbox tests. It’s also possible that you didn’t follow one of Apple’s policies for subscriptions, such as displaying the free trial length on your paywall, but that will be obvious from the screenshot once you get it.

If your app works in sandbox but not for the reviewer, and you’ve referred to the screenshot to verify that a glitch in the sandbox environment is causing the issue, then I recommend discussing this with the App Review team. We have more guidance on this here:

Please let me know if you have any questions!