Can "Purchases.configure()" consume all consumable products in Android?

  • 21 November 2023
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Hi. I have integrated RevenueCat to my iOS version of my app and am using it with satisfaction. Therefore, I am considering using it to the Android version of my app.


My app for Android version has a premium version for lifetime access for almost 10 years. Currently, I am no longer selling lifetime access as I have changed to selling only subscription plans.


However, because any promise to users is important, I should continue to provide lifetime access to users who have purchased the product.


My app does not have an app login system. So, I have been providing access by referring to PlayStore purchase history.


After testing, it seems that RevenueCat's Purchases.configure() consumes all one-time products. This means that if the user reinstalls the app or changes devices, they will no longer be able to access their lifetime access. This is because RevenueCat's anonymous ID would be changed in these situations.


The workaround I am considering is to use RevenueCat to process subscription plan purchases and access customer info only for users who paid for subscription plan, and to manually process existing lifetime access separately.


For this purpose, if I exclude a product for lifetime access from RevenueCat's entitlement, can I prevent it from being consumed when "Purchases.configure()" is executed?


How did other developers solve this issue?

3 replies

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I’m no expert having only just started with RC Myself, but what i can see is taht only products you configure in the offerings are served to your app.

So in the case of your lifetime offering, if you don’t add it, RC won’t see it to use it.



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Hey @kim-ef0a0f!

By default, RevenueCat does consume purchases once they are detected by our SDK. To avoid the SDK automatically consuming purchases, you can configure the SDK in Observer Mode:


In Observer Mode, you’ll need to manually finish transactions, and consume the transactions that need to be consumed.

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Hi @cody !

Thank you for your answer.


However, my question is whether "Purchases.configure()" consumes a product that is not added in the "Products" in RevenueCat's dashboard.