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  • 27 April 2022
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Hello RevenueCat community!

I work in a company where we are integrating RevenueCat in our React Native application. I have a scenario where a user are able to buy a monthly subscription, but also several products. 
At the moment a user adds items (can be consumables or subscriptions) in a cart and then does a checkout. This flow results in us looping over all items in the cart and using PurchasePackage(package) for each individual item in the cart, this flow causes one popup (on iOS) per item which in a UX world is quite annoying. 
My question is: Is there a way to do some kind of a bulk purchase so that the user only has to accept on the pop-up once instead of “times equal to products in cart”?

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1 reply

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Hey @Emanuel Dellsén!

RevneueCat doesn’t support bulk purchases at this time - for now, each purchase will need to be purchased one-by-one.

You might also consider adding different products that are multiples of the base price. For example, maybe a single $5 subscription product for someone who wants to buy 5x $1 subscriptions. Does that make sense?