Best practice - handling multiple offerings in app

  • 6 October 2023
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Hello! New RC user here. 👋

Regarding the practice of offering a default “standard” price on a paywall during onboarding only, and then offering a discount price when the paywall is triggered elsewhere within the app: 

1st question: Obviously I can use the “current” offering for the onboarding process. However, after that I will need to hard-code the “discount offering” title into the app, correct? 

2nd question: If I want to remotely remove the “discount offering” at a later time (and show default only), is it safe to delete the offering in the RC dashboard and just code my app to show the “current” offering on default?

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this strategy. Thanks!


Note: on iOS, using separate Subscription Groups for each product. 


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Hey @jpm001!

1) Yep, if you have specific offerings you want to display at a certain point in your app’s lifecycle, you’ll probably need to hardcode the ID

2) That’s definitely an option, you could also leverage Offering Metadata and add a property called, for example, ‘active’ and check value client-side before showing the customer:

From there, you could remotely toggle the `active` property to avoid having to delete the Offering.


Great! Thanks for your helpful reply, Cody!

And also for pointing me towards Offering Metadata. 👍