Auto-Renewable Subscription + Consumable

  • 1 September 2021
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This is for iOS.

Is it possible to provide the paying user with a consumable In-App Purchase at the time of their initial subscription and subsequent renewals? 

For example, the user signs up for a 3-month subscription. At that moment we give him 10 apples. Three months later when his subscription renews, he gets 10 more apples. 

If there’s not an easy way with RevenueCat or iOS, then I’m sure I can think up a workaround using some Booleans and Timestamps - figured I check first.



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Hey @Craig Anthony!

You can use RevenueCat webhooks to help with this implementation. You will receive an event for the initial subscription and any subsequent renewals. When your servers detect one of these events, you can grant the customer their apples.


Thanks for the info Tina, I appreciate you responding.  I’ll give this a shot.