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  • 4 November 2021
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I have recently uploaded my app to Apple store but was rejected. The message is;

“Specifically, on our iPad Air, the "Abonelik Satin Al" tab launched to an error message.”

But this is my second app including inapp purchase and first one was approved without a problem. Also the rejected app was successful when I tested it on a real device with my sandbox account prior to the submission. They also sent these photos;


What should I do?


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2 replies

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This is my reply to them;

Hi there. I have tested my app before submitting and everything was fine for the subscription. I used my sandbox account and was able to make a purchase successfully. I read so many things about the problems for inapp purchase reviews of AppStore. Is it possible that your connection was not stable or maybe you should have restarted the device? Also I read "This typically only occurs for the first release of an app. The reviewer can’t fetch products because they haven’t approved the products yet, or the products haven’t propagated fast enough for their testing. In these cases, we recommend asking the reviewer to review the products first, then resubmitting your app for review.". May this be the reason for the problem you encountered?
Thank you.


And this is their response;


Thank you for your correspondence.

Regarding Guideline 2.1, we no longer view the error message we initially got from our earlier review on out iPad Air device.


I think we must insist and defend our app :)

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Hey @Ugur 

It sounds like your app was able to get through the App Review process, is that correct? The sandbox environment can be finicky and the App Review process also relies on this unstable environment. We’ve seen developers go through multiple binary resubmissions (I think the most I’ve heard of is 12!) without any changes before getting through app review. App Rejections, especially for the first release is a right of passage.

If anyone else stumbles upon this thread, we’ve heard from other developers that submitting a video of your app working also helps with the process! 👀