Apple Promo codes - errors

  • 12 November 2021
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I have RC working fine for both Android and iOS using test sandbox. I can purchase, restore and upgrade subscriptions.

Now have sent code for production.

  • Tested Android purchase in production - works fine.
  • Apple has approved and am now trying to test in production, but first with Promo codes. App is in Manual release so not public yet.

When I redeem code it downloads the app, and I get to the main page of the app which checks if user has an active entitlement or not, and it comes back false, so it displays the purchase options. If you select restore does not recognize. I am checking for PeriodType.normal but not other types.

So what I need to know is how RC handles Apple Promo codes (this is the 100 promo codes you can use for influencers)?

  • is PeriodType normal, trial, unknown, or intro?
  • I assume the isActive will be false
  • is there any difference with Google Play promotion codes?

I don't have debugging turned on as it is my production code, so I cannot see this.

If I know what PeriodType RC sets for a redeemed code then I can handle.

Is there any other value you setting in purchaseInfo for Promo code that a developer needs to know?

2 replies

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Are following this technique to download the app before it’s publicly available? The promo code should just allow you to download the app, and won’t unlock any entitlements. If you want to also test entitlement unlocking in production, try either making a real purchase or creating an in-app purchase promo code.

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Yes, I did follow the link above for Production testing...and it does not work!


I released “Manually”, and obtained promo fine. 

Send link to a friend, who uses the promo code...and it will not download the code….

Issue is the code has to be released...not Manual release in order for the code to download and be used.


Regarding promo code you are not correct. If the app is setup as Free with in-app purchase, the promo code has nothing to do with download, but it will unlock entitlements. What it unlocks is a single instance of what the promo code was attached to. For example, if I create a promo code for my Monthly in-app purchase of an auto recurring subscription, then the promo code will give only one month of free use, not recurring.