Apple pay not working not working

  • 19 November 2023
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In my flutter app i followed this video steps : :

I have this elevated button to make the purchase : 


                      onPressed: () async {


                          await Purchases.purchaseProduct('Zenth_2000_coins');

                          debugPrint('Payment success');

                        } catch (e){

                          debugPrint('Failed : $e');



                      child: Text(





now when i test and i hit purchase and type my sandbox account password , the apple pay window close and opens again and if i try again and click purchase and type the password it just keeps on this loop and the transaction never appears on my revenuecat dashboard and never prints payment success ( i ticked the sandbox on revenue cat , and checked all the steps 

3 replies

I’m having a similar problem, I think there is a strange behavior on iOS.. in my case it takes unusual long time for apple pay to load, and sometimes I need to log out from the app and log in again for this action to complete.

Any advice?!

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Hi, this could just be the sandbox environment, but can you run the RevenueCat SDK’s debug logs to see if there are any errors being thrown for this? You can enable them following this guide:

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This could be related to the issue here, can you check if you are using Purchasely and provide debug logs?