App Store rejection due to offer codes

  • 7 January 2023
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Our app was recently rejected from the app store due to violated term 3.1.1 around in-app purchases. With the rejection the explanation was that we enable promotional codes outside of the app, but the screen shot attached is of the in-app purchase modal - which we trigger using `Purchase.presentCodeRedemptionSheet()`. On Android, we have a custom built promotional code sheet that triggers and we think they may be rejecting our app because of this, but we are unsure how they would know. 


Has anyone experienced this before? Any advice?


1 reply

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Hey @jake lynch, that’s really bizarre!

It’s no secret that Apple will reject for silly things sometimes - but I’ve not seen them reject like that before, or how they would know you’re accepting promo codes on Android - have you attempted to appeal the rejection or explain to the reviewer that the promo code system is using their native sheet on iOS?