App on the AppStore not fetching offerings

  • 1 April 2023
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I used RevenueCat to set my in-app subscription. While developing everything was working correctly. Apple team approved the app and I released it. I downloaded the app, but the offerings wasn't fetching and I was unable to make a purchase.
I found information that I should wait for 24 hours before release, so I made some small changes in my app, sent it to review, waited 24 hours and released it. Unfortunately the problem still exists.

Does anyone have any idea why is that?
Thanks in advance

1 reply

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We typically reserve community questions for general issues, comments, or inquiries. Since there may be sensitive user information in this issue, it will be more effective to escalate this to our internal ticketing system where we can get more information.

If you haven't yet resolved your issue, can you open a ticket in our dashboard, and include a link to this post? You can submit a ticket here: