API taking a while to load

  • 23 October 2022
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I have the following code to purchase a subscription

  Purchases.shared.logIn(uid) { (purchaserInfo, created, error) in
Purchases.shared.offerings { (offerings, error) in
if let package = offerings?.current?.lifetime {
Purchases.shared.purchasePackage(package) { (transaction, purchaserInfo, error, userCancelled) in
let productId = transaction?.payment.productIdentifier ?? "lifetime"
if purchaserInfo?.entitlements["pro"]?.isActive == true {


It takes a while to load. Does anyone know why? Whenever someone purchases a subscription using the revenuecat api in my IOS app, it takes a while for the purchase to go through. 


3 replies

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How long would you say it takes to go through? 3 seconds? 30 seconds?

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More than several minutes

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Sometimes it can take a while (a few seconds), but several minutes is too much. Is this for production or sandbox?