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  • 15 September 2021
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What to do when a customer says they purchased the product but didn't gain access?

  1. If utilizing RevenueCat’s Entitlement system, you should first confirm that the product is attached to the correct Entitlement. 

  2. If Entitlements are set up correctly, your end customer’s purchases may have to be re-synced with RevenueCat servers. This can be done either with a user-facing button in the app triggering the restore method or through the REST API with the `is_restore` field set to `true`. Note that restoring through the REST API requires your team to collect the customer’s fetch token at the time of purchase. For iOS, this is the base64 encoded receipt file and for Android this is the purchase token. You can read more about restoring either in RevenueCat’s documentation or in the following community post: 

  3. If you notice that your customer’s purchase is not populating in the RevenueCat dashboard, see this community post for more information: 


How to cancel a customer’s subscription?


Apple does not allow developers to manage subscriptions on behalf of users. Your customers have to manually opt-out of renewal. The Apple subscription terms require users to cancel subscriptions at least 24 hours before the next renewal.



To revoke an Android subscription, you can use our REST API endpoint to do so or directly from the customer history page. This will refund the last purchase, immediately expire the subscription, and remove entitlement access. Note that refunding can also be done through Google Play Console, but is not recommended since RevenueCat cannot detect Android refunds done outside of RevenueCat.


It’s also possible for the developer (you) to cancel a customer’s subscription without immediately revoking access or refunding via Google Play Console. RevenueCat will detect the cancellation and update the customer’s status.



You will be able to cancel a Stripe subscription directly on Stripe’s dashboard or through the API. Stripe documentation for more information. It may take up to two hours for the cancelation to populate on the RevenueCat Customer Timeline. You can also re-post the same subscription to RevenueCat to have it updated immediately. See our Stripe Web Payments documentation for reference.


Deleting an app user ID from RevenueCat WILL NOT cancel their subscription. The customer can still trigger the Restore Purchases method to re-sync their transactions with RevenueCat servers.


What to do when a customer has multiple subscriptions?

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How to get a refund from Apple/Google/Stripe?

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My customer canceled their subscription, but still got charged?

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