Why is the app_user_id column blank for the majority of users in my exported customer list?

  • 20 April 2022
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I am trying to export a list of all customers with an promotional purchase however most (over half) of the users that are export do not have the app_user_id column set.

I know for a fact that all these users have an app_user_id as this is used to grant their promotions. It also looks fine for the sample of most recently active users that display in the customer list on the website as they all display their app_user_id under the customers column.

I have compared the list of most recently active from the website  to what was exported and there are ids on the website that don’t appear in the export.

Can anyone provide insight into why this columnmight not be populated for majority of my users on the customer list export? Any help is very much appreciated.

2 replies

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Hi @Will N, every row in an exported customer list should have an app_user_id. Are there any other fields missing in these rows with a missing app user ID (is the entire row blank, or just the app user ID?) Can you list the exact filters you’re using for this list? And for the first filter, are you choosing “All customers” or “Only customers with purchases”?

Finally, are you only seeing this issue on this list, or all of your lists when you export them?

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Hi @sundeep , sorry its been so long but I’ve revisited this and I’m still having the same issue.

Looking at the data export the common difference between the rows that have app_user_id and don’t is that the ones that are missing app_user_id column are also missing values for columns: most_recent_billing_issues_at,status,has_made_a_non_subscription_purchase,app_user_id,app_uuid.

Also I’ve noticed that the value for the column all_purchased_product_ids for those missing data is set to an actual subscription product rather than a promotional product id despite the latest_store column all being populated with “promotional”.


The filter for this list looks like



I’ve tried exporting a completely different filter and I’m seeing the same thing with missing values for app_user_id and other aforementioned missing columns.