Store filter in some Charts do not work

  • 7 February 2022
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In Charts, the Store filter with the value of “Play Store” does not seem to work for some of the charts.

In particular, in both the “Initial Conversion” and the “Trial Conversions” charts.  When I fliter by Store for either Play Store or App Store, all of the New Customer values stay the same.

When I use the Subscription Retention chart and filter by Play Store, all of the data is zereod out.

3 replies

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Hi @waroo, the reason that the filter doesn’t yield the expected results for conversion charts is that for customers without transactions, the `store` dimension doesn’t have anything populated. Instead, you probably want to filter by the `platform` dimension, which denotes the platform that the customer was last seen on.

For the subscription retention chart, that shouldn’t be the case. Would you mind dropping an email to so our support team can investigate?

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Hey @waroo 

I just replied to your Support ticket. Cross posting here for visibility:

The default product duration for the Subscription Retention chart is "monthly". You should make sure to change the retention period to the product duration that you currently offer. 


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Hi tina,

Thanks, changint the retention period to yearly fixed the issue with the Subscription Retention report because we didn’t have a montnly offering on Android, but we did on iOS.


For the Initial Conversion and Trial Conversion reports filtering by Platform instead of by Store worked to get the results I was expecting.