Some Subscriptions appear in the Non-Subscription filter

  • 29 February 2024
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I have noticed that when I access the Customer tab and go in Non-Subscription, it’s showing also some Subscriptions, both Active and Expired, which are not in their actual Filter.

Is the Made Non-subscription Purchase Filter not working properly? Because I would like to be able to see only the non-subscription purchases.



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2 replies

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Hey @jadebowl !


The Made Non-subscription Purchase filter will include users who either have or have not made any non-subscription purchases based on the boolean value. The list will include users who have made non-subscription purchase but will also include transactions for these users if they have also made subscription purchases. 


Let me know if that helps! 

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Thank you Michael!
I understand now. So is there a way to have the revenue only from the non subscriptions?