Paywall localization error

  • 21 December 2023
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I’m trying to create a Paywall from the RevenueCat dashboard for an existing offering.


For the Localization field, I keep getting the following error:


Paywall content is required for at least one language.


When I select other languages, for example, Japanese, I get the following error:


Japanese has an error.


Is anyone experiencing the same issue? I cannot create a paywall because of this error.

5 replies

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Happy to help here. To confirm, is this error coming up in Xcode? If so, do you have debug logs detailing the error? It sounds like this may be coming from Xcode.


Hello Ryan, this is actually an error on the RevenueCat web dashboard. Nothing code related.

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I was able to recreate this by switching the localization to Japan. This error resolved when I went through each of the sections (Package, Call to action, etc.) and filled out the required text fields.


Can you confirm whether that solves the error for you and you can save the paywall?


Hello Ryan,

I have the same problem. Your solution doesn't work for me. I am completely stuck here!


Hi guys,

I faced the same issue and I solved it.


Firstly, You have to fill in the “Call to action” field, then additional required fields will appear.


Expand the error section and fill in all required information.


After that you should be able to create a paywall.