Paywall does not have a field entering disclosure of auto-renewing subscription details

  • 7 February 2024
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App Subscription Launch Checklist said “Include disclosure of auto-renewing subscription details in your app description.", but Paywall does not have a field entering disclosure of auto-renewing subscription details.


Should I implement a screen including disclosure of auto-renewing subscription details in addition to Paywall?





3 replies

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Hey @Daisuke Adachi !


Have you been rejected for the app submitted with the paywall? Our Paywall supports everything needed in order to get approved from Apple so if a paywall from our templates is the only paywall you are using, you should be fine and things should pass/work out smoothly! 


Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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Hi @Michael Fogel 

I use the Paywall too Google Play just rejected the application because:


We do not allow apps that are not explicit about the offer terms, the cost of the subscription, or the frequency of the billing cycle.

  • Your offer doesn’t clearly and accurately describe the terms of your trial offer or introductory pricing, including how much the paid subscription will cost.
  • Your offer doesn’t clearly describe the terms of your subscription, including the cancellation terms in subscription page.


I still don't understand why and Appeals doesn't seems to work.


It's really frustrating because the Paywall is a nice feature, but would be great to have more customisation placeholders (ie: for terms).




Hi @Michael Fogel

Apple approved my app [MyTurnTag Creator]( using Paywall.

The disclosure of auto-renewing subscription wasn't necessary.

Paywall was helpful in reducing the implementation.