How to test iOS sandbox subscription refunds?

  • 16 February 2022
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I can issue and test Android refunds via the RC dashboard.

I can issue and test Stripe refunds via Stripe dashboard (note the difference between refund and cancellations in Stripe!)

How do I issue a refund in iOS Sandbox testing?


Best answer by sundeep 19 February 2022, 03:15

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3 replies

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Hi @Loredo Sola, you can’t initiate refunds on behalf of the user with Apple subscriptions the way you can with Google, and I don’t believe you can currently test refunds in sandbox (you need to be able to contact Apple to request the refund:

We do have some suggestions on how to test refunds in production in our iOS testing guide (see “Testing Cancelations and Refunds”):

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@sundeep Thanks for your reply.  I thought iOS refund testing would be a problem. But I hoped there was a solution I didn’t know about!



Hello @sundeep can we is it possible to test an IAP refund( in sandbox environment) for android  for non subscriptions and consumable?