How to grant promotional subscription in sandbox environment?

  • 8 September 2023
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Is it possible to grant a promotional subscription in the sandbox environment, as opposed to the production environment? When using the dashboard to grant an entitlement to a user, it always says "environment": "PRODUCTION".

I’ve read that users don’t relate to a particular environment, but transactions do. Isn’t granting an entitlement a transaction, and therefore wouldn’t it make sense to grant an entitlement in the sandbox environment?

1 reply

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Hi @mr-0f76e5,

Promotional entitlements don’t have a concept of either sandbox or production either, so any that are given to users will always default to the production environment.

There’s no workaround here, besides good bookkeeping: remembering that this user is your "sandbox" user and that the promotional entitlement is to be considered as "sandbox".