How to grant PRO access for all products with one product purchase?

  • 16 May 2023
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Can somebody help me, I’m stuck! 


I’m trying to set up purchases in my iOS app with Revenue Cat.

in my app I have 4 products (different training plans: 2 - are monthly subscriptions, 2 - non consumable IAPs). One of my subscription product is kind a PRO, by buying it I should grant access to all 4 programs. But I don’t understand how should I organize my offerings and entitlements so that buying this one PRO product gives access to all other products.


What I’ve tried. I made 4 offerings for each product. and made 4 entitlements, 3 - per each separate products and 1 pro entitlement with all 4 products. And what I get - if i buy one of non-consumables I open 2 entitlements - one for this product, and the pro one, that also contains this product. This is definitely not what I want. 


I would highly appreciate any help!!! 

2 replies

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Well. I suddenly realized what I need to do… instead of creating a PRO entitlement, I just need to make a PRO product, which I add to each entitlement and therefore by purchasing this PRO product I make  active all the entitlements, associated with this product… its damn easy, but for some reason it took me almost a week to realize this… 

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Glad you figured it out! The easiest way to achieve this is as you said, by creating a single product with each of those entitlements attached. Alternatively, you could create a PRO entitlement for that product and then have some logic that gives access to all 4 programs, but it is much simpler to go with the prior.