Filtering Customer List with custom attributes

  • 18 October 2021
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Hi there, 

is there a way to create a filtered customer list based on custom Attributes? 

We would want to use this in order to create a Customer List filtered through a list of “blacklisted” internal accounts we do not want to count towards our sales and user statistics. 

If there is another way to make this happen, I would love love to hear some tips and best practices. 


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7 replies

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Hi @TobiasMIkl,

You can’t set up customer lists filtered by custom subscriber attributes, but there are certain reserved subscriber attributes such as `email` that might fit your case (assuming you’re tracking emails). If the internal accounts all use the same email handle, you could use the filter Email does not contain > [insert domain] to filter those out, for example. See the full list of available filter options here:

You can export customer lists, though, and the CSV contains `custom_attributes` as a field that you could use to filter as another workaround:

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Hi @sundeep

thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately the workaround will not work since the users I want to blacklist do not all share the same domain. 

So for the time being using the CSV file might be the only option to go with. 

Is there a plan to maybe add an attribute like “blacklist → true/false” at some point in the roadmap?

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HI @sundeep

I started to try to work with the documented customer attributes, but encountered a strange issue, even though its documented. I can’t get any filter to work with the attributes “phone number”. 

The example with the Email works as described, but for Phone Number the same method does not work

I tried to filter for specifically set attributes, but the custom Lists keep returning empty lists. 
Is this a bug with the filters or what am I missing?



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Hi @TobiasMIkl,

How long ago did you update the phone number attribute for these customers? Customer lists aren’t real-time and can take a few hours to update, so it’s possible that’s why the filter is getting no results.

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Hi @sundeep

Some parts of the issue was due to the caching and time-delay of the filters and could be resolved by simply waiting for the list to refresh. Though I am still encountering some weird behaviour with the filter: 
For most of the entries the filter seems to work, but on two entries the filter doesn’t work even though the attribute is set exactly like in others. 

The Filter is set to the following:

And here are to entries that should be excluded in the list but aren’t: 

And the Phone Number is definitely set in two entries. but they still appear in the filtered list. Could you please investigate if this is a bug or what am I missing? I can provide you with the user IDs and more info if needed. 


Thanks for your assistance

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Hi @TobiasMIkl,

I turned your last post here into a ticket in our system so I can ask you some more details about the app that’s experiencing this. Let’s follow up there!

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Hey @sundeep we need to filter data based on custom attributes as well.
Is it bad practice to just abuse another attribute which we don’t need, e.g. “Keyword” or “Creative”? Or what’s exactly is the purpose of “Keyword” and “Creative”?