Billing error encountered, but full month of subscription still given

  • 22 September 2021
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We noticed that one of our players was supposed to covert from a trial to a paid monthly subscription, but it shows that a billing error was encountered, so the subscription was cancelled. However, RevCat still shows that the player was given another full month and that it will renew again next month. We were expecting the subscription date to be rolled back, since there was a billing error. And we’ve also not allowed any grace periods through the Google/Apple dashboards.

Is there a way to confirm a billing error was in fact encountered? It looks like their total spent at the top says $10, which would include the failed conversion from a trial, so I’m not sure if their purchase did actually go through, but then a different error happened afterwards? If the charge didn’t actually go through, is there a way we can roll back the subscription date for this particular player? And moving forward, is there a way to prevent this from happening to other players in the future?


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Hey @Mick. If you click into the events, you should be able to see the timestamps and see that the billing issue occurred before the trial conversion.

The customer history timeline is ordered by event date, unless the event has a purchase timestamp from an Apple/Google receipt, so it can cause some confusion with the ordering of events. Hopefully something we’ll clean up in the UI in a future iteration!

I would double check App Store Connect that you have grace periods disabled, since it seems like this customer did enter a grace period that was resolved, which resulted in the trial conversion. 

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Hey Ryan,

Thanks for the quick response and for clarifying! I was able to see that the billing errors did in fact happen before the trial conversion once clicking into the events to view more details. So seems like this player should be set since the charge was eventually able to go through afterwards. And will double check the grace period settings in the App Store Connect dashboard again.