Are promo code purchases displayed in dashboard?

  • 15 October 2022
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My first app with subscriptions just went live!

Are App Store purchases made with promo codes displayed in the RevenueCat dashboard?

I see purchases for my new app, but I also sent out promo codes. When I click on the transaction details, it states that it is production environment and the takehome_percentage is 0.85.

I do see a “offer_code” is null, but nothing else about if it is a promo code or not.

If anyone could shed some light on the subject I would appreciate it.


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First of all, congrats on the launch! May the coming months be filled with increasingly valuable cohorts of new subscribers 🚀

There’s extensive documentation on iOS Subscription offers in RevenueCat here, but TLDR:

If you used In-App Purchase Promo Codes, your charts are going to be off 😕 This is an Apple / StoreKit limitation: These will also be displayed in your Sales and Trends reporting as a purchase, while they’re obviously not. These users also won’t auto-renew, and you can only send 100 out for each product, every 6 months. These really aren’t meant to be used commercially

If you use Offer Codes, (possible if you implemented the code redemption sheet OR if you send folks to the App Store to redeem your code), we will display the initial purchases made with those codes as $0 transactions. Renewal transactions will be tracked normally. If a purchase shows offer_code = null, that means that no Offer Code was used (it would show the code used in case one was)

If you’ve used Promo Codes, and want to switch to Offer Codes, there’s a good guide on how to do that here