An entitlement provided by subscription purchase doesn't override RC promotional entitlement

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In our application we have a logic of a 3 days free use period, that we provide to the user by granting them Promotional Entitlements through RevenueCat API. During that period user can manually click the upgrade button to start a play store/app store subscription. We would expect that once the store subscription is purchased, promotional entitlements would be replaced with the ones from subscription. However this doesn’t happen, which causes some problems. For example, we can’t tell if user is currently using play store/app store 7 days subscription-trial (available once, after which they got billed automatically), because `entitlement.storeType` is always equal to `promotional` and `entitlement.periodType` is always equal to `normal`. Also all the entitlements have product indentifiers starting with `rc_promo`. Only after the promotional entitlement is expired, they get replaced with correct data from app store/play store. 


Currently as a workaround we manually revoke promotional entitlements upon store subscription purchase, but that is not ideal.


Is there a way for us to prioritize store bought subscription entitlements over RevenueCat promotional entitlements? 

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