One subscription for a group of users


My question is not as much a technical question as it is a user experience question.  I have not read all the dev documents yet regarding GourpIds etc.

We have an app for schools.  Currently we have implemented subscriptions for iOS and Android.  We think we can get much more users and revenue if we rather implement a group subscription where the school can create an account, subscribing and manage users on that account through some we console.

I’m not sure how one would go about doing this using the subscription services provided with the Playstore and Apple, unless I’m missing something.

Would one perhaps go the stripe route?  

And how do you go the stripe route and not get you app banned from the app store because you are not using Google’s or Apples service.

It’s not that we want to bypass their service, I just don’t know how to use there service in an extremely user friendly way to implement such a group subscription.  When I say user friendly I mean for instance, you don’t want to force a school to create an Android or iOS account for the school and run the subscription through there and somehow tie that to other users.  Anything that will cause the slightest discomfort for a user or be slightly too technical can cause them not to sign up for your product.

So any advice, links etc how one would go about implementing such a group subscription implementation would be much appreciated.


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