[Android] SkuDetails freeTrialPeriod is returning an empty string

  • 16 February 2022
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We've recently noticed an issue with some our Android users, that we are not able to display the trial period for them. We get this information from SkuDetails.freeTrialPeriod, and parse that value.

However, for these users, SkuDetails.freeTrialPeriod is returning an empty string (even though the corresponding SKU has a trial period configured in Play Console); we are not able to reproduce this issue using this same SKU locally.

We're curious to hear if anyone else also uses this information, and if they've noticed anything strange lately? Or if there is any other way of reliably getting this info?

We've also created this issue in the official issue tracker:


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2 replies

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Hey @Guilherme Krzisch


We have heard of more people running into this:


I have also run into this myself, and was able to reproduce on a physical device. On a brand new emulator, however, I did get the correct values. 


There isn’t another clear way of getting the freeTrialPeriod other than the billing client. You could try to parse the product identifier if you’re following a naming scheme, but that can be brittle. 


Let’s hope we get a response from Google on this soon. 


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I have no help to offer, but just thought I would let you know that we are also running into this issue. However, it is only happening with one particular user. Everyone else seems to be fine.

According to our analytics, the free trial period seems to be missing all together rather than an empty string, which is kind of strange considering that the method to get the free trial period is marked @NonNull.