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  • 8 March 2022
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I’m trying to Send Stripe tokens to RevenueCat and it doesn’t work, my doubt is the field "app_user_id", in which I wrote the id of the customer of Stripe, e.g. “cus_wefi”. In RC i don’t have any customer yet, i need to create it before? Because the doc of receipt says “Records a purchase for a user from iOS, Android, or Stripe and will create a user if they don't already exist.” Also, in the field “fetch_token” I wrote the id of the sub: e.g. “sub_wefou”,

Thank you

1 reply

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Hey @Matteo Gazzurelli 

The app_user_id string is any string you’ll like to put to identity the customer. If you want to keep the RevenueCat app user ID consistent with Stripe’s customer IDs, this would not be an issue. If the app user ID does not currently exist in RevenueCat’s system, the POST /receipts call will create this for you. The fetch token also looks like, it should be prefixed with “sub_”. 


As for the error that you’re receiving, this could be due to having the wrong Stripe connected account. In some cases, we find that developers have multiple Stripe accounts and are connecting the wrong one.  Can you confirm that you have connected RevenueCat with Stripe and it is the correct Stripe account that contains that fetch token? 


If the above is correct, can you share with me the cURL that you are using to send in the request? Be sure to redact or truncate any sensitive information like API keys, fetch token, etc.