Renewals not not showing active in dashboard checkbox

  • 29 March 2022
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Hello ,


I renectly started using revenuecat and its working perfectly fine that is what we saw in the trials . But recently we got one subscription and the checkbox under renewal is not active . I thought it might get active after the subscription renewed . But then the subscription did not get renewed . Now i do not know whether user cancelled it or there was some setup issues . Can anyone tell me whether the checkbox becomes active when the user subscribes stating that it will be renewed monthly . Or do i need to check anything specific when doing revenuecat setup that i am doing wrong . 

Happens for both iOS and Android

2 replies

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Hey @nik3sh 

I assume you’re referring to the Renewal checkbox in the Overview page, is that correct? The "renewal" checkbox lets you know if that corresponding transaction was a renewal event. For initial purchases, that box will not be checked. 

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Thanks ,


Understood . Lets see when the renewal of subscription comes .