Large data discrepancies (MMP vs Ad Network)

  • 31 October 2023
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On August 10th, there was a noticeable decrease in ATT reported installs attributed to Facebook, dropping from an average of 70 installs to merely 15 installs per day.

By August 25th, another decline was observed in reported SKAN installs on Facebook. This was accompanied by an increase in CPIs and a rise in the ratio of non-attributed installs on AppsFlyer. Interestingly, when looking at the blended numbers, there was no significant change, and there was also no surge in organic traffic as per App Store Connect data.

Fast forward to October 14th, there was a campaign relaunch with the Singular MMP. This move saw a boost in SKAN reported installs and a commendable drop in CPIs from $22 down to $11. However, these numbers still weren't at the desired benchmark of approximately $5. Despite increasing the budget, the ATT installs did not see any increase, hovering consistently between 15-20 daily installs.

That is the situation overview. As far as the tech goes we have RevenueCat integration with identifier collection, an MMP integration (previously AppsFlyer, now Singular). We request the ATT prompt after signup. Obviously this involves different integrations but RC is connected to all of them too and we are trying to find the cause for this in all areas, so maybe someone here has struggled with something similar or knows ways to troubleshoot this. 


Thank you! 

2 replies

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Would also like to add that we kept the budget stable and that on RC we have seen multiple cases where the ATT consent status is “Authorized” but the IDFA is all zeros.. Have any of you had cases like that too? 

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Not sure that I can speak on the drop in install rates. If you think there’s something going on with the SDK, I can try to troubleshoot that.


For the empty IDFA, I’m wondering if it is caused by this situation we mention in the docs?

Device identifiers with iOS App Tracking Transparency (iOS 14.5+)

If you are requesting the App Tracking permission through ATT to access the IDFA, you can call .collectDeviceIdentifiers() again if the customer accepts the permission to update the $idfa attribute in RevenueCat.


For iOS 14.5+ you will need to call that method twice. Does that sound like a possibility?