Issue with "TRANSFER" Event Webhook Not Triggering

  • 7 February 2024
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Hello RevenueCat Team,

I am currently utilizing RevenueCat's webhooks to synchronize purchase events with our backend system, and for the most part, this integration has been successful. However, we've encountered a specific issue with the "TRANSFER" event webhook, which does not seem to trigger as expected.

Despite our efforts, the "TRANSFER" event webhook never gets called automatically in our setup. Oddly enough, when I manually initiate a transfer through the RevenueCat dashboard, the webhook does trigger and operates as intended. This discrepancy leads me to wonder if the problem might be related to our reliance on the legacy transfer behavior, specifically the "Share between App User IDs (legacy)" feature.

Could this legacy approach be the reason why the "TRANSFER" event is not automatically triggering the webhook? If so, do you have any recommendations on how to resolve this issue or any alternative approaches we should consider to ensure seamless synchronization for transfer events?

Thank you for your assistance.

1 reply

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Hey @leon-manolo,

The legacy restore behavior will usually alias subscribers rather than transfer purchases between them so this is expected. I would not expect you to get transfer webhooks in normal usage in this case.