Integrating with OneSignal

  • 6 December 2023
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When following the ( excellent! ) documentation for the OneSignal integration, it references the old methods of getting the device ID, which don’t exist since the OneSignal migration to their new `User Centric` model.

OneSignal.add(self as OSSubscriptionObserver) // No longer exists

// If you've already set up OneSignal, then users should already have
// a OneSignal Id. We can check if it's available and send it to RevenueCat
if let onesignalId = OneSignal.getUserDevice()?.getUserId() { // No longer exists

I’d love to know what I should be setting as the attribution ID using the new methods ( they’re not covered in the migration guide ), as trying the various IDs I can find results in the web hooks failing due to missing aliases, or invalid IDs, and the device ID is no longer accessible as far as I can tell



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We recently updated this doc to reflect that we are currently only supporting OneSignal SDKs v9 (device-centric) and below.

We are actively working on supporting v11+ (user-centric) and hope to have that out soon.

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Hi all, any luck we will get v11 support anytime soon? been chasing bugs for hours only to realise this was the issue 😆