Incoherence about expiration date for INITIAL_PURCHASE webhook event on PLAY STORE

  • 2 May 2023
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We are trying to keep the same entitlement state of our users in our own database, and we're using webhooks for that.


It's globally working well, except for a case where we found that the `expiration_at_ms` is not giving us the correct expiration date, for a TRIAL in a "INITIAL_PURCHASE" event, only for ANDROID.

Please check screenshot attached:

  • on the user page, you can see that the user subscribed to a trial on April 21st, on the top right you can see him having the "pro" entitlement until 2023/05/08.
  • when we click on the "started a trial" line, we check the webhook event, the expiration_at_ms value is `1682357863507` corresponding to `Monday, 24 April 2023 17:37:43.507`, which is the info we have in our DB.

    Why are the 2 dates so different ? This is the only event that is triggered to us. As it is only happening with Android, is there a bug for android or an additional thing we need to do to set this up correctly ?


1 reply

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Hi, sorry for the delay. I recommend creating an internal ticket for this and providing the app user id you are seeing this with so the team can look into the receipt and other information to see what is happening here.