Getting receipt and other subscription parameters

  • 9 February 2023
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I want to integrate with Adjust, and I want to do so the easy way (I would prefer not to be made to jump through whatever obstacle course that the RevenueCat integration entails):

Is there an easy way for me to fetch the receipt from the client (right after a subscription has been made and approved), as well as also doing the same kind of thing on Android?

If there isn’t, I would have to assume that this is purposefully avoided so as to make migration harder, and that in the process of making migration harder you are also making other things harder.

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We’d love to hear your feedback on the Adjust integration! Our goal with this integration was actually to make things easier by having RevenueCat collect the receipts and send them to Adjust automatically but if that’s not your experience we really want to know. Please reach out to our support team if there’s anything we can help you with in the process. I’m also adding our product manager @Jens to this thread for context.

The integration consists of three steps:

  1. Install the Adjust SDK (you’ll have to do this anyway if you communicate with Adjust directly.)
  2. Set the `$adjustId` on the customer profile in RevenueCat.
  3. Add an OAuth key and event tokens to RevenueCat so RevenueCat can properly authenticate and label events.

The receipt isn’t available in the RevenueCat SDK not for any bad intentions but simply because RevenueCat’s goal is to abstract away the nitty-gritty details of the underlying platforms. And using RevenueCat shouldn’t make it any harder to load receipts or fetch purchases on the device. You can continue to do that in parallel to the SDK (in fact RevenueCat has an “observer mode” that puts RevenueCat in a purely secondary role to your purchase code.) Having said that, we’re hearing the value of giving access to the underlying layer and are doing work to make it even easier than doing it yourself. One recent development here is our ReceiptParser component (blog post here) that lets you directly load and parse the Apple receipt from the device.