GCP ETL New and Updated Transactions

  • 14 December 2021
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I’m using the GCP ETL integration to export my transactions.

I botched the initial setup, and so deleted it and set up a new version. On this version, I had the “Receive new and updated transactions only” box checked.

Unfortunately it is only exporting the new and updated transactions, without providing me with that initial full set, as per the docs - “The first delivery will always be a full export even if this option is selected.”. Presumably this is because I have previously used the integration, despite having deleted it and re-installed.


Is there a way of setting it up from scratch, with ‘new and updated transactions only’, and still getting that initial full data set exported?


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2 replies

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For a quick fix you should be able to uncheck that box to get one full export and check it again to get incremental updates again.

When you say you “deleted” the setup, did you simply change the info in RevenueCat to a new bucket, click the Delete button in RevenueCat, or something else? I’d like to figure out what happened so I can pass it on to the team.

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Thanks sharif. ill give that a go. I clicked this