Event not sent to amplitude.

  • 26 April 2022
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Hey RevenueCat team,

I’m reaching out to you because we currently have an issue with an amplitude events on our android project.
We have set up an event that should be sent when a user starts a trial; unfortunately, it is not sent anymore on amplitude for a couple of weeks, where we have the correct data in our revenue cat dashboard.

Could you help us figuring what’s wrong?

Thanks a lot 🙏

3 replies

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Hi @Pierre-Elie 👋🏽,

Happy to help here! Is this occurring in sandbox or production?

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Thanks for your answer, the issue is occurring in production.

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Hello 😁
Not sure if you’ve been able to see my message, but we are still facing the same issue. 
Could you help us? Thanks a lot 🙏