Does the "Uncancellation" event in the Mixpanel integration also include Trial uncancellations?

  • 11 July 2022
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If I check the docs ( for the mixpanel integration, I see that for cancellations you differentiate between “Trial Cancelled” and “Cancellation”. However, on the uncancellation side there is only one event with the description “When a user re-enables the auto-renew status for a subscription.”
Are uncancellations of trials not tracked or are they covered by this event?

4 replies

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Hey Anton, yeah your assumption is correct -- we do not track a distinct “Trial Uncancellation” event for the Mixpanel integration. Was there a particular tracking use case you had in mind? If so you may be able to accomplish it by filtering on the presence of a previous Trial Started event occurrence within the duration of your trial, or perhaps filtering on the product_id property if the number of products containing trials is small enough to do that easily.

Let me know what you have in mind and I’d be happy to workshop some options with you. Thanks!

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Ah thats a pity but maybe you can help to achieve our goal:
We noticed that the proportion of users that cancel the trial immediately after they started it is significantly higher in the US than in Germany and I wanted to check with a funnel, how many of the users that do this also uncancel again. I would also like to compare the two countries then.

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Already found the solution:

A funnel with

trial_started → trial_cancelled → trial_converted

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Nice! Yeah you’re right, from a funnel perspective that will do it for you. 😃