App Store / Play Store Webhooks vs. RevenueCat Webhooks

  • 31 August 2023
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Hi there,

is it recommended to use RevenuCat Webhooks to sync purchases to an external system instead of using the built-in Webhooks of App Store Connect and Google Play?

Is it even possible to sync user subscriptions via App Store Connect webhooks? I'm not sure if Apple gives out the email addresses of the users.

Can you please give me a brief summary of the pros and cons of App Store / Play Store webhooks and RevenueCat webhooks?

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Hey Marius,

Yes - I’d recommend using RevenueCat webhooks to sync subscription status with your server. We take care of the heavy-lifting with normalizing the data across platforms, and provide context about entitlements, expiration dates, attributes, etc. in our webhooks to make it easy on your end.

Apple and Google don’t provide user-identifiable details in their webhooks, it would be on you as the developer to manually link transaction identifiers to each event, then link it back to your individual users.

You can read more about our webhooks and the data we provide here: