Adjust is not receiving RevenueCat intergration events

  • 29 January 2024
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Long story short: RC sends integration events to Adjust, but Adjust doesn’t show them in the report.

Long story:

My project has integrations with Superwall and Adjust. Both are showing integration events sent with successful response codes.

However Adjust is not showing any received events in the report dashboard, while Superwall does receive and show all the same events correctly.

The iOS project has a call to set AdjustID (Purchases.shared.attribution.setAdjustID(adjustId)) and this ID is shown in the RevenueCat customer info.

I’ve tried re-setuping the integration for Adjust with no luck.

What should I do to make it work?


5 replies

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Looking on my end at your project, I do not see any errors being thrown and that we are getting back a status of 200 for the events sent to Adjust. Can you make sure that your Adjust App token is correct in RevenueCat so it is being sent to the right app?


Hello Haley @Haley Pace , thanks for your response.

The Adjust app token is correct, already double checked that. The event tokens are also verified to be exactly the same as in the Adjust settings.

How should I proceed with this issue? How long does it usually take for Adjust to show the event received from RC?



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I believe I’m having the same issue. A small fraction of my total events are being sent to Adjust. Was there ever a resolution to this? 

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Hi, apologies for the delay. @srtroma and @samuel-bf07a6 I would recommend that you both create a support ticket regarding this as it is hard for me to troubleshoot this here as I do not want for any sensitive information to be posted, you can create one here:


If you are not seeing events in Adjust, there are a couple of things you will want to check. The first is that you have configured this integration properly following our guide, taking care to enter the correct Adjust App token and the event tokens:


Another thing to check would be that the $adjustId is configured for the user before a purchase would happen? This is required in order for us to send events for that user, so if this is possibly set after a purchase, then we wouldn't be able to send an event for that. More information on this can be found here:

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@Haley Pace  I found what the issue was. I did not set the adjust delegate in the app delegate. This line needs to be in the delegate:


   adjustConfig?.delegate = self


Your code example in your documentation was kind of incomplete about the Adjust setup part, although it did mention to set the delegate in a comment, it did not provide that part of the code. It is very easy to overlook, as the code required is not part of the standard setup. Setting up adjust is a few lines of code, it would be super helpful just to include that code in your docs so we can see exactly what we need to setup revenue cat with adjust. 


If you updated the documentation to say the following it would be super helpful:


           let adjustConfig = ADJConfig(

            appToken: yourAppToken,

            environment: environment)


        adjustConfig?.delegate = self