Adjust integration did not work

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We set up Adjust Integration step by step due documentation. Also try with and without OAuth. Still no events fires by RevenueCat in integration dashboard. In per user events feed detailed info also shows:
No integrations to show

We also using Unity SDK if it is matter. We correctly send Adjust ID per user via SDK. No result with live users and sandbox
Can you help please?

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I’ve seen that you also opened a support ticket on the topic. I will close this post and focus on helping you via that email. 




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Already one week since we opened support ticket and that post. Still no help. We are on Pro billing plan by the way 😐

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We are also on the PRO plan, and we also have exactly the same issue with integrations, but with Appsflyer and Amplitude(our ticket is open, waiting for response).  @AnnaToro Is there ETA on fixing integrations? 

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@AnnaToro We just added our AppsFlyer integration and are running into the same/similar issue. We can see the AppsFlyer ID, IDFA, IDFV, and IP address are on correctly set for the user, but not integration events are indicated for the user, or at the AppsFlyer “Recent Events” screen. 

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@Ihnat @AnnaToro @multicastgames FYI. We solved our AppsFlyer issue last night by upgrading to the latest version of RC iOS SDK (4.9.0). Works perfectly now!