We rejected depends on AdSupport Guideline 1.3 - Safety - Kids Category

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi we rejected many times for this reason.

I installed last version 3.12.8

Guideline 1.3 - Safety - Kids Category

We noticed that your Kids Category app includes analytics, advertising and collects, transmits, or has the ability to share personal information or device information with third parties. Specifically:

- Your app includes third-party analytics or third-party advertising with the ability to collect, transmit or share identifiable information, including, for example, IDFA. We found that your app references the ASIdentifierManager API, which provides access to a user's IDFA, in the following location(s) in your binary:

• /System/Library/Frameworks/AdSupport.framework/AdSupport
• Vodly

It would be appropriate to remove all instances of “ASIdentifierManager” from your app, even if they are not utilized in your app's functionality.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please remove this functionality or revise your app so that no personally identifiable information or device information is sent to third parties.


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6 replies

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Hey @orhanerbas 

There shouldn't be any issues with Kids apps using RevenueCat. Several kids apps are using RevenueCat already.
Just make sure that you're:

  • Not including the AdSupport framework
  • Not including any kind of analytics frameworks / plugins
  • Not using the automaticSearchAdsCollection feature in RevenueCat (it's disabled by default).
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I checked only RevenueCat using  AdSupport and ASIdentifierManager. Please check attachment.@tina 


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Hey @orhanerbas 

Got it, just to confirm you don’t have the AdSupport framework under your project’s settings?

Let me bring this up to the SDK team if they can weigh in.

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Yes I don’t have any AdSupport Framework.

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Hey @orhanerbas!

Those classes in the SDK will only interact with the AdSupport framework if it’s imported by the developer, they’re not automatically imported by the SDK. FakeAdClient and FakeASIdentifierManager are made up classes by RevenueCat that will interface with the Apple AdClient and ASIdentifierManager classes if they’re accessible. 


Are there any other libraries you’re using that might be importing the AdSupport framework? From the reviewers message it looks like they’re actually seeing the AdSupport framework at /System/Library/Frameworks/AdSupport.framework/AdSupport. 


It could be possible that the reviewer is trying to string match on “ASIdentifierManager” and is picking up the string “FakeASIdentifierManager” - could you try to get more information from them as well?

Just in case the review process is now flagging these fake classes we’ve merged This PR renames the classes so there isn’t even a partial string match. You can find these changes in release 3.13.0